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Information about our African cockatoos and gray parrots

Baby cocatoo tame and hand fed, macaw birds for sale and African gray for sale, clipped wings, seated holiday birds, free cutting wings for life with any bird purchase.Our hand-reared parrots receive the best care.

We hope you can give our birds the same happy environment they have been given our care to.Our parrots for sale are small parrots that make excellent pets. They are unmatched in terms of pet popularity. They come in different color mutations, some rarer than others. It's best to feed a bird and all our babies are hand fed.

Cockatoo & African Grey Parrots

Our parrots for sale are very loving birds that often learn tricks to please their owners. They can mimic words and sounds, but their voice is very high-pitched, so it can be difficult to hear words. However, their ability to whistle is well known, and many Tiles can learn entire songs with practice.

Their sweet and gentle nature makes them ideal birds for young children (although in most cases pet birds are not a good idea for children under 6).talk to them often; they will learn to speak. If you'll be away for a long time, leave a radio on for company.Toys are essential. They love colorful hanging toys and swings, bells, ladders, mirrors.Yes, cockatiels happily co-exist with other birds, large and small.

They are not aggressive birds. Have fun with your new friend!Our birds are guaranteed to leave our home healthy. To further ensure their good health, we take the precaution of treating all our birds with preventive antibiotics once a year, an infallible guarantee against parrot fever.

We administer this medication annually on the recommendation of our avian vet as we have a large number of free flying cockatiels in our aviary.

African Grey for Sale